Design In Motion

Project Breif

I was asked to create a zine about any topic I like while appropriating an artist or designer. My topic was motion graphics and the designer was Eric Jordan, an award winning motion graphic artist. To make my zine more interesting I added augmented reality over some pages to make it more intereactive.

Motion Design Graphic
Motion Design Graphic

Book Cover

A simple book cover. I created an animated logo for the cover to be used with Artivive. An excerpt to explain the purpose of the book, along with QR codes to download the augmented reality app were placed at the back.

Zine Table of Contents


The book focuses on the importance of motion graphics and what type of techniques are important for beginners to learn. Much of the information came from my own knowledge of the subject, but I did some additional research to make sure what I was saying was accurate. It was bound using a saddle stitch method, making it easy to produce more than one.

Zine Page One
Zine Page Two

Motion Graphics

The augmented reality was a new challenge for me, I used a new application called Artivive which unfortunately limited my file size. I learned lots about image complexity and recognition. Most of my pages had no issues loading with Artivive but some of the less complex pages didn’t work initially. I fixed this issue by adding some patterned backgrounds to the pages.

Zine Page Three
Zine Page Four
Zine Page Five
Zine Page Six
Zine Page Seven
Zine Page Eight
Zine Page Nine
Zine Page Ten
Zine Page Eleven
Zine Page Twelve
Zine Page Thirteen

Project Wrap Up

The zine was a big hit with the interactive elements but I fear Artivive has a long way to go yet. I hope to improve on this project in the future once Adobe has released their augmented reality application. Learning more about augmented reality, there is plenty of opportunity to explore and utilize this in future works.